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About us

Who is this site meant for?

This site was created for everybody who is struggling with choosing the right destination for a vacation. It doesn’t matter whether you cannot decide between several well-known cities, or whether you want to explore new places. With more than 1,000 cities, we hope that you will find the perfect holiday destinations on all continents, which are furthermore divided into 14 regions. This site can be therefore useful for experienced travelers who have a clear mind in what they want to see (let’s say that the perfect trip has to be romantic, and museums are a must), as well as for beginners who wish to find the best place in all areas of interest.

Why was this site created?

The authors of this page themselves were looking for new places where to travel and couldn’t find any useful searching tool which would rate cities, according to what they want to see and experience. So, we said to ourselves that if we look for some searching tool that would help us with this dilemma, it could be useful for millions of people too. We, therefore, put our heads together are tried to come up with the most objective and unbiased way how to rate and order cities from the best to the worst. This site was therefore created for better decision making of millions of people.

How does it work?

Select continent, categories, required criteria, and filters, which are essential for your perfect vacation and simply click on the search button. It is as simple as that. Next, what you will see, will be rated cities according to the criteria that you picked.

How are cities rated?

First, we need to clarify that there is no one uniform method used for evaluating all categories. Most of the categories are rated according to the number of attractions within each category, their popularity and attractiveness among tourists, and their overall impression. In the case of categories where it is not possible to have an unbiased evaluation, e.g., mountains, we took into account factors like the overall beauty of the city, hiking possibilities, number of hiking trails, cycling possibilities, popularity among tourists, views, and others.

As you can tell, each city was extremely time-consuming to rate, and errors could occur. Though, we believe that not a more objective approach to evaluation. If you miss something, or you have additional information which could be used for a more precise rating, please, let us know

Important numbers

  • 1000+ Cities
  • 5 Continents further divided into 14 Regions
  • Up to 30 filters and categories
  • Dozens of thousands of evaluations
  • Hundreds of hours dedicated to the creation of this page

Do you have anything on your mind? Please write to us

Do you like our page, or do you hate it? Would you change something? Or perhaps you would like to work with us? In any case, we will be happy to hear from you. We continuously seek feedback so that this page can improve and grow. We believe that we can learn from discontented users as much as from satisfied ones, so we are open to any critique, praise, or improvement recommendations.

About the man behind the idea

I am a passionate traveler, computer programmer, and mathematician who is lucky enough to be able to travel while working, and thus I am traveling the world. My goal with this page is to make the destination searching more unbiased and scientific while not forgetting about the human factor. I hope that with my traveling experience, knowledge of programming, and mathematics, I can help you to choose the right place in this big and beautiful world, thus enjoy traveling to the full extent.

My greatest advice to anybody is not to be afraid to come out of his/her comfort zone and just go to the world and start exploring hidden beauties.