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The 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Eastern Europe

The popularity of Eastern Europe as an ideal travel destination is booming, and it is no wonder. These countries are famous for keeping in touch with their history, their beautiful nature, the friendliness of their people, unique cuisines, and diverse cultures. Prices here are still relatively low, so you can see and do a lot and keep your expenditure low. Find magical cities in Eastern Europe with our list of The Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities in Eastern Europe.

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1. Prague

Prague is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe and still one of the best destinations in the world. Prague’s Astronomical Clock, still operating after 600 years, one of the oldest bridges still in use or the largest castle complex in the world will make you understand why Prague should be on the itinerary of every passionate traveller. Also, we can’t forget to mention that Prague is considered to be the beer capital of the world.

2. Saint Petersburg

In Saint Petersburg, you can visit the Winter Palace and feel like the Russian Tsars. Or float down canals and rivers and feel like being in Venice. Or do you prefer art? Great, you can visit the second-largest art museum in the world. Whatever the case, Saint Petersburg is the right decision.

3. Budapest

Great food and wine, hot spring spas, various festivals, beautiful architectural buildings representing several styles and history in every corner. All this comes at low cost! That is why Budapest is so popular.

4. Moscow

When visiting Moscow, you will be astonished not only by the pomp of the Kremlin or the mighty Red Square, but also by Moscow’s parks, theatres, zoos and shopping possibilities. Boredom is not possible.

5. Warsaw

Warsaw is a great place to learn about history, especially World War II, the history of the communist era and Polish history. Warsaw is also a green city with bizarre monuments and the historic Old Town, full of colour and where you can try traditional Polish cuisine.

6. Krakow

Krakow is possibly one of the most underrated cities in Europe. You would hardly find a place where you can dine at Michelin star restaurants (and there are more than 20 of them in Krakow) for such affordable prices. It is also a fondly romantic place with plenty of wonderful sights. The museum dedicated to the Schindler factory, Wawel castle, which was home to Polish kings or the cathedral where Karol Jozef Wojtyla was archbishop before becoming Pope are all must go places in Krakow!

7. Kiev

The inexpensive Ukraine capital is the home of majestic Soviet monuments, the deepest metro station in the world, stunning golden dome churches and numerous gardens and parks. Kiev offers a lot for affordable prices.

8. Bucharest

Bucharest is a vibrant city with lively nightlife, where you have a lot to see. It is also not as overcrowded as most of the European capitals, so you can better enjoy the city’s atmosphere. There are many wonderful churches, some weird-looking monuments, the world’s second largest administrative building and its own Arc de Triomphe.

9. Sofia

Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, so it is naturally full of history. With vibrant street art, traditional Balkan cuisine, the nearby Vitosha mountain massif and its architectural beauty, Sofia is a great, yet unspoiled destination.

10. Bratislava

Walking along the Danube River, hiking to Devin Castle, sightseeing, or just chilling with coffee in the old town. In a city neglected by many tourists you can do so much more than you would think.