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The 10 Most Romantic Cities in North America

Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one or seeking the perfect destination for Valentine's Day, you don't need to look too far since North America is full of romance. From idyllic historical towns to large cities with countless possibilities. The places listed in our list of top 10 most romantic cities in North America comprise some most magical places for traveling couples.

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1. Charleston

For a friendly atmosphere, fabulous festivals, superb shopping possibilities, rich history, or dozens of picturesque views. These are just some of the reasons why Charleston is an excellent choice for every trip. Charleston is also an attractive destination for every romantic trip.

2. San Francisco

Top-notch cuisine, superb shopping possibilities, the oldest and arguably best Chinatown in the US, super exciting museums, cultural diversity, and attractions you won't find anywhere else. This is how San Francisco could be, in short, characterized. In combination with great weather, San Francisco is a safe choice for a great vacation.

3. Honolulu

The capital and the largest city of Hawaii is for everybody, and we really mean it! Charming and romantic beaches, some of the best weather in the world, fascinating mix of cultures, rich history, numerous great places for shopping, and, of course, unique geography and the perfect base for hiking and exploring the breathtakingly beautiful island. Honolulu is also great for a vacation with kids since there are plenty of attractions they will love.

4. Savannah

The city of beautiful squares, enormous and magnificent beautiful oak trees, rich history, and famous ghost stories is like made for filming romantic movies. Experience the Avenue of Oaks, sit on the bench where Forrest Gump told his life story, walk on beautiful cobblestones streets, or pay a visit to some of the parks, or museums. Savannah is simply one of those cities you will inevitably love at first glance.

5. New Orleans

The city was initially founded as a French colony in 1718. Since then, it was part of fascinating history and changed the owner multiple times. Thanks to this, New Orleans has some of the most interesting collections of historic architecture in the US. The city is, however, not just for history buffs, but people in love will feel like in seventh heaven as well. There are not many more romantic things in the world than wander around in New Orleans without having a goal in your mind and simply enjoy the present moment.

6. Quebec City

Quebec City looks idyllic! Almost like from a fairytale. The city has an artsy atmosphere and is full of green spaces. Wander the historic district of Old Quebec, stay in Hôtel du Glace, the only Ice Hotel in North America, visit a picturesque castle, plan a trip to beautiful countryside, or experience unique cultural events. Quebec City is an exceptionally romantic, historical, and family-friendly city.

7. Victoria

Victoria is well known for a spectacular outdoor setting, natural beauty, and wonderful gardens. Absolute must-sees are Craigdarroch Castle, Hartley Park National Historic Site, Butchart Gardens, or Beacon Hill Park. These places are like nothing you had ever seen before! Victoria is simply a perfect destination for a romantic vacation.

8. Austin

The music scene in Austin is extremely rich, and Austin even earned nickname Live Music Capital of the World. Austin is also great for outdoor activities and boasts with the creative art scene, plenty of quirky shops, southern hospitality, and vibrant nightlife.

9. Nashville

For entertainment, arts, music performances, music-themed tours, bar scene, museums, Tennessee charm, or full-scale replica of the Parthenon. These are just some of the reasons why you should visit Nashville. The city is also fabulously romantic, affordable, and people in Nashville are among the friendliest in the US.

10. Providence

Providence is a college town. Therefore numerous bars and vibrant nightlife should be no surprise. Providence also has New England charm, the oldest indoor mall in America, a thriving art scene, impressive architecture, and a romantic vibe.