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The 5 Most Beautiful Cities in New Zealand

New Zealand is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. After all, it wasn’t chosen as a filming location for The Lord of the Rings for nothing. Yes, it is far away, flights here aren’t cheap, and the country isn’t made for budget travelers, but you can be sure that every penny will be worth for spending some time down here. With unreal sceneries, friendly people, unique culture, incredible wildlife, or stunning Fiordland, New Zealand is a perfect place for everybody who is a fan of an active vacation. So, if you are ready for some adventure, book your flight and accommodation as soon as you can!

To help you find the best places which are great for various reasons, we created this list of the top 5 most beautiful cities in New Zealand, which are all unique in its way and which will surprise you with its various opportunities on how to spend some quality time. If you would like to find more cities either in New Zealand or in other corners of the world, which would suit your preferences, be sure to try our search tool, which will rate and order cities according to the criteria you picked.

1. Auckland

Auckland is a perfect mix of beautiful sandy beaches, adventure activities and natural beauties near the modern city. Visit some of the 53 volcanic peaks around the city, take a Hobbiton Day Trip to where The Lord of the Rings was filmed, see wildlife outside the zoo, visit art galleries and museums with the largest collection of Maori Taonga treasures, or skyscrapers with magnificent 360 degree views.

2. Christchurch

The city famous for its fantastic street art, beautiful botanical gardens, wilderness, and kiwi culture is excellent for everybody who looks for a city with countless opportunities. Yes, at first glance, it may seem slow, but once you look more closely, you will see that there is always something happening there, and with the perfect position for day trips, you can be sure that your visit of Christchurch will always be more than pleasant.

3. Wellington

The New Zealand’s capital has everything that one can imagine. Visit Zealandia wildlife sanctuary, ride a cable car, visit locations where Lord of the Rings was filmed, hit unique bars, go to Te Papa Tongarewa museum, plan a day trip either to the south or northern island or simply enjoy famous coffee culture in Wellington.

4. Dunedin

Dunedin is often overlooked by the tourist, but it hard to understand why, since there is something for everybody. New Zealand’s only castle, New Zealand’s first botanical garden, world’s steepest street, quirky street art, beautiful picturesque beaches, fine public art galleries, nearby wildlife reserve, and many more. Dunedin is, therefore, an excellent choice for everybody who is looking for yet not so overcrowded cities.

5. Queenstown

Queenstown is considered to be the most adventurous city in the world. It is home to bungee jumping, and there are several possibilities for skiing and snowboarding as well as skydiving. In combination with breathtaking surrounding mountains, Queenstown is a perfect destination for all those who love nature!