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The 6 Most Romantic and Historical Cities in Middle America

Are a history buff, and do you look for a place where you can go on a romantic trip with your loved one? Can't you find any article or ranking of this kind that would help you? Well, we had the same problem. Since we believe that romance and history come hand in hand, and we miss these types of articles on the Internet, we decided to create one of our own. In this one, we focus on Middle America.

To rank cities in this list, we tried the most objective way we could think of. We looked at factors like the number of historical sites, their popularity, their significance, and the approximate visit rate. From a romantic point of view, we assessed the overall beauty of the city and its reputation for being a romantic destination.

So, you can read our list of the 6 most romantic and historical cities in Middle America, and find some of the region's most magical spots for traveling couples with love for history.

To find more destinations, not just in South America, you can try our search tool, which will rate and order cities according to the criteria you picked so that you can find the perfect destination that matches your traveling taste.

1. Havana

Colorful houses and Vintage American cars come to mind as first when talking about Havana. But Havana is also renowned for live music and salsa performances, thriving street art on every corner, cigars, beautiful old historic town which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, and for a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

2. San Juan

San Juan is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway. It is also a city full of history, lovely beaches, buzzing nightlife scene, solid shopping possibilities, and many natural wonders within reach.

3. Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is the city of beautiful botanical gardens, superb local markets where you can find everything from souvenirs to pieces of jewelry, great weather all year round, fascinating history, and vibrant nightlife. So be sure to visit Dominican capital.

4. Antigua Guatemala

This beautiful historic city is much calmer than Guatemala City and is a perfect destination for sightseeing trips as well as for romantic getaway. You can find here Spanish Baroque-influenced architecture, fabulous handicraft markets, chocolate museums, colonial churches, and ruins at every turn. No wonder that Antigua Guatemala has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. In combination with beautiful landscapes and Volcán de Fuego, Antigua Guatemala is irresistible for a growing number of tourists.

5. San Miguel de Allende

Being considered as one of the most beautiful cities in Mexico and being designated as the UNESCO World Heritage site, San Miguel De Allende is picturesque, photogenic, and incredibly romantic. The most recognized attraction is, of course, stunningly beautiful neo-Gothic Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, but try also flying with hot air balloon, experience some of the festivals, taste delicious food, or stroll around beautiful streets.

6. Camagüey

Camagüey was founded in 1514 by Spanish colonists and was one of the seven original settlements founded by Spanish in Cuba. Sometimes also called Cuba's Catholic soul, Camagüey is home to many churches and cathedrals. But it is the city's atmosphere and labyrinth streets and alleyways, which makes Camagüey worth visiting.