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Top 10 Best Cities to Visit in Northern Europe

Harsh weather, Viking culture, and tough history come to mind as the first things when talking about Northern Europe. Yes, these are inherent characteristics of Northern Europe, but so are breathtakingly beautiful nature and sceneries, scenic countryside, majestic fjords, and green, modern, yet often surprisingly historic cities with a special northern charm.

It is, therefore, surprising that Northern Europe is often omitted in many travel bucket lists. Yes, the price level is high, but it is definitely worth it. We have, therefore, created a list of the top 10 best cities in Northern Europe to visit, so you can find some of the most beautiful cities in Northern Europe, which also deserve to be on the world's best list.

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1. Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very green and clean city in northern Europe where history mixes with various cultures, great food, several castles and many shopping possibilities. The Danes are considered to be the world’s happiest people, so it is quite likely that you will meet easy-going people with a sense of humour. They will, of course, be on bikes.

2. Helsinki

Helsinki is peaceful, calm and stylish city. Modern design can be seen everywhere, which makes city unpredictable. The famous design district in Helsinki is a must-see, but it is also the atmosphere of calmness, spacious green areas, experiencing renowned Finnish public saunas, or its perfect location for day trips into nature that make Helsinki the perfect Northern-European destination for your vacation.

3. Stockholm

Active, multicultural, green and with impressive architecture. These words perfectly characterise Stockholm. The city is also truly family-friendly with many attractions for children and there is also the longest art gallery in the world. Since the city is situated on 14 islands, Stockholm offers many wonderful views and you can explore it by boat.

4. Tallinn

Sometimes also called Baltic Fairy Tale Town, Tallinn is a city that will surprise you. Charming old town, appealing churches, cultural events or the KGB museum are the main reasons why a growing number of tourists visit Tallinn.

5. Oslo

Oslo is an ideal place for exploring Viking and Norwegian culture, so the Viking Ship Museum and Norwegian Folk Museum are a must see in Oslo. There are also several art parks and modern art can be seen on every corner. Immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of the city or hit the great outdoor activities. The choice is yours.

6. Riga

Riga is best known for its Art Nouveau architecture, the largest market in Europe, and its old town on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Since Latvia is renowned for its greenery, be sure to visit beautiful forests straight out of a fairytale right on the doorstep.

7. Vilnius

The welcoming city of Vilnius is a great place to learn something about history, whether it is the history of the Soviet Union, Lithuania’s fascinating Jewish history or the dark history of World War II. In the city, there are also many places with spectacular views, the “independent republic” of Užipis declared by a collective of artists, and the charming old town.

8. Reykjavik

Geothermal baths, the Northern Lights, whale watching trips, stunningly beautiful outdoors, volcanoes and magnificent mountains. Bu this is in no way everything that Iceland offers, and Reykjavik is the best city for exploring the island.

9. Gothenburg

The green city of Gothenburg is a great place for shopping and has lively nightlife. Since it is sometimes called Scandinavia’s Amsterdam, you can also take a boat tour through the downtown canals with their beautiful views. Gothenburg is also cheaper and less overcrowded than Stockholm, so, if you are looking for a not so mainstream city, this is the right choice.

10. Malmo

Malmo is an innovative and creative city with many young people and great design. Thanks to its open-mindedness and location, it is a city where more than 150 different cultures meet. Malmo is also the happiest city of Sweden.