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Top 5 Cities with Mountains and Beaches in Europe

Do you want to relax on beautiful sandy beaches in Europe, or do you want to go hiking and explore majestic mountains? It is often hard to choose between these two attractive options, but there is a way. You can go to a city which has a great location for exciting trips to the hills, as well as great opportunities for chilling out on the beach.

Imagine this...

You wake up in the morning with a fascinating view of beautiful natural scenery, you put on your hiking boots and go on an adventurous trip to the mountains. In the evening, you return exhausted, so you hit the beach, but since you have a last drop of energy you go out into the sea, lie down on your lounger and enjoy sunset over the sea.

Sounds like fun, but you don't know many cities like this? Then be sure to check out our list of the top 5 best cities with mountains and beaches in Europe. The necessary criteria for a city to get into this list are that it lies on the doorstep to magnificent mountains, and that it has gorgeous beaches.

If these tips are not enough or you want to add more criteria, like history, family-friendliness etc., you can use our search tool, which will enable you to refine your search with up to 30 filters and which will rate and order cities according to the criteria that you picked, allowing you to see how well each city matches your preferences.

1. Palermo

Palermo was named the Italian capital of culture for 2018, so you can raise your expectations. Fantastic street food, great markets, the Liberty architectural style, stunning churches with impressive mosaics, rich history, or gorgeous sandy beaches. All of this and more you can enjoy in the Sicilian capital.

2. Monte Carlo

Monaco is renowned for its casinos, but the city state also offers beautiful beaches, spectacular cathedrals, beautiful mountains and great cycling routes. In Monaco, you can be sure to spot some of the most luxurious cars in the world, or you can watch Formula 1 Grand Prix right in the city streets.

3. Positano

The coastal village in Italy with its spectacular hills coming out right from the sea, in combination with a solid sand beach, is ideal for everybody who is looking for a relaxing vacation. This charming colourful village with great weather, tasty food and breathtaking sunsets is a great choice for everybody who wants to slow down for a moment.

4. Funchal

Madeira is unique in many ways, most notably for its spectacular mountains, and Funchal is an excellent base for exploring the island. The city with beautiful gardens, great food, a lively Old Town, and world-class wine. Although the city beach is not among the most renowned, great sand beaches are easily accessible by public transportation or by car, which we highly recommend to rent for exploring the island.

5. Brela

Brela has one of the best beaches in Croatia. Although, Brela is a small village, it is not just the charming beach that the village has to offer. There are many possibilities for accommodation, ranging from luxurious hotels to not so expensive apartments nearby the Biokovo Nature Park, a great location for day trips or many sport possibilities.