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Top 6 Most Romantic Cities in Europe with Great Food and Nightlife

Are you a proper foodie who is looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, but you also like clubbing? Well, there are not many articles that will help you find some of the most romantic cities in Europe which are also world-renowned party cities and among the best food cities in Europe. We, therefore, created this list of the top 6 cities which are all heaven for foodies who would like to spend a romantic time with a loved one during the day and party hard into the night.

If you would rather combine your own categories which are important for you on your trip, you can try our search tool which will rate and order cities according to the criteria you picked. If you want your destination to not be romantic, for example, but, rather, historical, you can add this to the chosen criteria.

1. Paris

Although the French capital is best known for its Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, it has far more to offer than you can imagine. It is great for architecture and history lovers as well as for those who seek to spend a romantic time with their partner, or to go shopping for some of the finest brands in the world. In choosing Paris, you can never lose.

2. Berlin

The German capital is for everybody who seeks to find the perfect destination for shopping, partying and fine dining. Berlin is, however, also great for those who are interested in museums, architecture or just enjoying a beautiful city.

3. Brussels

The Belgian capital is unique in many ways. You will be stunned by its beautiful and rich history, great traditional food, or outdoor festivals. World's most beautiful square of 2010, lively jazz scene, famous Manneken Pis, or nearby Waterloo town will inevitably force you to return to Brussels soon after leaving it. By the way, grabbing traditional waffles in Brussels is a must.

4. Mykonos Town

The whole of Mykonos Town is idyllically white, with tasty food on every corner, many romantic spots, lively nightlife and many luxury accommodations. It is also a great place for an active vacation since Mykonos is also considered to be a paradise for water sports and is sometimes called “Island of the Winds”.

5. Athens

The ancient Greece capital where democracy and theatrical plays were born is not just for history buffs. Sure, numerous ancient ruins, temples, churches and Greek mythology are an inherent part of Athens, but renowned Greek cuisine, great location for day trips, the hospitality of the people or seeing the change of the Evzones guards make every stay in Athens a very pleasant experience.

6. Bordeaux

Bordeaux is an ideal city for all foodies and wine lovers, but not only for them. Yes, the fact that there are two museums dedicated solely to wine can make you think it is all about eating and drinking, but the longest pedestrian shopping street in Europe, the world’s largest reflecting pool, Europe’s largest sand dune and its stunning and unique architecture will convince you otherwise. After all, Bordeaux was voted Europe’s Best Destination and World’s Best City to visit in 2017.