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The 7 Best Party Cities in Europe

One can party hard almost everywhere, but, still, some cities simply have their special vibe and atmosphere, which will make you inevitably stay up all night. Europe is home to many world-renowned party cities where you can experience an unforgettable time. Clubbing is becoming more and more popular among tourists, and, since it is sometimes difficult to choose the right city, by choosing a destination from the following list you can never lose.

Sure, we all know clubs like DC10 in Ibiza, Air in Amsterdam, Fabrik in Madrid, Berghain in Berlin, but for cities to get into this list, they have to have not only world-renowned clubs but also plenty of smaller clubs where you don't have to stand in long queues. Since we couldn't cover all places in our list of the 7 best party cities in Europe, you can try our search tool, which will rate and order cities according to the criteria you picked.

1. Berlin

The German capital is for everybody who seeks to find the perfect destination for shopping, partying and fine dining. Berlin is, however, also great for those who are interested in museums, architecture or just enjoying a beautiful city.

2. Ibiza

When one is thinking about partying, Ibiza often comes to mind first. But it is not only nightlife that you can find here. There are also lovely sandy beaches, tasty food, magical sunsets or the charming city itself.

3. Hamburg

A cultural city full of history with elegant architectural buildings, renowned museums and lively nightlife. That would be an appropriate description to sum up Hamburg in one sentence, but it is not even close to describing everything you can experience in the city that is built on the water.

4. Prague

Prague is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe and still one of the best destinations in the world. Prague’s Astronomical Clock, still operating after 600 years, one of the oldest bridges still in use or the largest castle complex in the world will make you understand why Prague should be on the itinerary of every passionate traveller. Also, we can’t forget to mention that Prague is considered to be the beer capital of the world.

5. Budapest

Great food and wine, hot spring spas, various festivals, beautiful architectural buildings representing several styles and history in every corner. All this comes at low cost! That is why Budapest is so popular.

6. Madrid

Great shopping, many possibilities of how to spend time with children, romantic spots, rich history, or the best tapas of your life. Those are just a few out of many reasons why you should visit Madrid.

7. Krakow

Krakow is possibly one of the most underrated cities in Europe. You would hardly find a place where you can dine at Michelin star restaurants (and there are more than 20 of them in Krakow) for such affordable prices. It is also a fondly romantic place with plenty of wonderful sights. The museum dedicated to the Schindler factory, Wawel castle, which was home to Polish kings or the cathedral where Karol Jozef Wojtyla was archbishop before becoming Pope are all must go places in Krakow!