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Top 7 Most Family-Friendly Cities in East Asia

Are you planning a family holiday with your children? Then East Asia must be on your family’s travel bucket list. East Asia is a perfect destination for kids and families and is home to some of the most kid-friendly destinations in the world thanks to its positive attitude towards children. And what’s more, you can be sure you will never be bored here, even as a parent. The various amusement parks, aqua parks, zoos, playgrounds or hiking possibilities are often fun not only for the little ones.

Therefore, we have put together a ranking of the top 7 most family-friendly cities in East Asia, where you can find the perfect destination for a family holiday and where you can be sure that no one will be bored. If you want to find more cities for family travel, you can try our search tool, which will rate and order cities according to the criteria you picked. If you want your destination to be, for example, also historical, you can add this to the chosen criteria, and the results will be historical cities which are also family friendly, etc.

1. Hong Kong

When talking about spending a holiday somewhere in Asia, Hong Kong always comes to mind. The city is best known for its multicultural and family-friendly character, while its great cuisine and shopping opportunities are famous as well. Hong Kong has also many festivals throughout the year and plenty of places where to party at night.

2. Tokyo

Tokyo is considered the largest city in the world, which means that it has a lot to offer. Be sure to visit some of the strangest museums in the world, traditional temples, beautiful gardens, or just watch sumo wrestling. There are countless possibilities.

3. Seoul

In Seoul, you can observe traditional Korean culture, Buddhist temples and history. Whether you travel alone, as a couple or with children, you will never be bored, since there is always something happening. Prepare to gain some weight and leave with full bags, since Seoul is famous for amazing cuisine and shopping possibilities.

4. Shanghai

Shanghai is a fast growing city, full of history, where eastern and western cultures are mixed. There are some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world while it is surrounded by charming water towns. With world famous restaurants, beautiful gardens, being renowned as a shopping paradise and 6 days free-visa policy, Shanghai has something for everyone.

5. Taipei

On the one hand, Taipei is renowned for its nightlife. On the other hand, it is family-friendly with many attractions for children. Amazingly friendly locals, delicious street food, renowned markets or great green parks make every vacation spent in Taipei a memorable experience.

6. Osaka

Even though Osaka is the third largest city in Japan, you will feel its country charm. You will be surprised by the friendliness of its people as well as the beautiful parks. Osaka is also the perfect destination for families with kids or for couples who are looking for spending some romantic time together.

7. Yokohama

Yokohama has a special atmosphere you can’t find anywhere else in Japan. Yokohama is known for its fireworks, open-air music festival, being the hometown of one of the world’s largest brewing companies and offering free tours in the brewing facilities as well as many possibilities for children. It is also the city where jazz in Japan was born. It is no surprise that the city has a special vibe.