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Top 8 Most Romantic Cities in South America

When it comes to the perfect destination for a romance, South America is often overlooked, and to be honest, we don't understand why. The continent famous for its seduction, most romantic dances in the world, and passion, looks like an ideal choice for a romantic trip. You can find here plenty of spots where you can experience a fairytale honeymoon or a perfect romantic getaway. Fall in love all over again in magically beautiful historic cities, in charming seaside resorts, or towns with breathtakingly beautiful landscapes.

To change this stereotype notion of this continent, we created the list of the top 8 most romantic cities in South America. Since one list can never cover all romantic destinations in the given region, you can try our search tool to find a more suitable destination for you. You can add more criteria to your search, change continent, or set the city size. With up to 30 filters and categories, you can be sure that you will find the city that matches your traveling taste. Without further ado, here is our selection.

1. Cartagena

Cartagena has a unique mix of European, African, and indigenous cultures, fantastic food, fascinating history, artsy atmosphere, colonial charm, and beautiful colorful neighborhoods. It is a perfect destination for a romantic trip, as well, as for a family vacation.

2. Cusco

Sure, Machu Picchu is the main reason why most people visit Cusco since it has the perfect location for a trip to the Inca citadel. But since you surely know all about the beauty of Machu Picchu, we won't talk about it and instead mention other reasons why Cusco is worth visiting. Cusco is also a city of amazing views, beautiful historic architecture, colorful history, souvenirs, cobblestone streets, fresh markets, and amazing food options. But, be aware that Cusco is set at 3,400 meters (11 154 feet). For those who are not used to high altitudes, this can be a problem for the first couple of days.

3. Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of neighborhoods, each one with its own distinct personality and charm. So if you love to get lost in the city and simply enjoy the moment, Buenos Aires is like made for you. Buenos Aires is also the birthplace of the world's most romantic dance - Tango, and home to arguably best steaks in the world. It has more than 300 world-class theaters, vibrant nightlife, and welcoming culture. So it doesn't matter if you look for fantastic food, romantic atmosphere, or cultural events, in Buenos Aires you will find everything.

4. Quito

The well-preserved historic center, which was one of the first UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world, a variety of shopping options, and incredibly friendly people will make every visit of Quito unique. Quito also poses as a gateway for exploring the rest of Ecuador.

5. Rio de Janeiro

The city of the biggest and most spectacular carnivals in the world, samba dance, and statue of Christ the Redeemer is famous among tourists also for its friendly people, charming monasteries, magnificent views, and beautiful sandy beaches. One thing is sure, though. You will never be bored in Rio. With excellent hiking possibilities, a non-stop stream of great cultural activities, superb museums, and stunning parks, your every visit to Rio de Janeiro will be too short. Rio has even been named UNESCO’s first World Capital of Architecture for 2020.

6. Mendoza

Mendoza is the wine capital of Argentina, extraordinarily romantic and set in a beautiful and picturesque mountainous region. Where to better experience authentic Argentinian food, wine, and Andes Mountains than in one of the wine capitals of the world?

7. Valparaiso

Valparaiso is an excellent place for a romantic getaway. You will inevitably fall in love with colorful houses, wicked street art like nowhere else, best boutique hotels in Chile, friendly people, bizarre old city elevators, or bohemian culture of Valparaiso.

8. Arequipa

For Fantastic food, dozens of historical sites around the city, stunning architecture, or truly authentic Peruvian way of life. These are just some of the reasons why you should seriously consider visiting Arequipa. The city also poses as a gateway to Colca Canyon, which is, by no surprise, the third most-visited tourist destination in Peru.